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Dear Dream Journal of Lifes.

I had some really weird dreams last night. I dreamt that my cats could talk to me. They had human voices and it freaked the freakin shit out of me. I woke up all messed up only to realize that one of my cats was staring intently at me. She was watching me sleep and it made me believe that she really could talk to me. We had a staring contest, she won, it was more of a standoff though. In the dream it seemed some what natural that they were talking to me, but at the same time really strange that 1. they chose to talk to me and 2. what their voices sounded like.

My second dream was even stranger... In my dream everyone's tattoos (including my own) were moving and talking (if it was an person, animal, etc...). It was really weird because i went about my day like nothing was different, went to work at starbucks and tried to ignore the fact that people's tattoos were staring at me. Even stranger still, i went to a tattoo parlor to get mine touched up and a new one and my tattoos were screaming in pain when they got touched up. How fucked up is that?

If you have any thoughts to as what my dreams might mean, please let me know because i have no clue and i would like a little insight.
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