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You think you had a shitty day?

So i am beginning to think that i make really bad decisiones... I worked over 14 hours at the cinema yesterday. It was my first official day as a manager, i was so excited until our howling gale of death came into town. The wind was a'blowin and the rain was a'comin down. I thought that i would get to work and the power would be out. You really need to have power to show movies, otherwise it is just me in the projection booth with a candle and the film. Luckily, the power did not go out, but my internet did. That means that i cannot take credit cards, i can't get the email to see what movies we are playing next week so that i can set up the schedule, and it means that at night my reports are going to be fucked up.

I wish that was the worst part of my day; however i have to say that hands down, cleaning up someone's diarrhea in the ladies bathroom was by far the worst part of my day. It was on the walls and behind the toilet. I began to question whether or not i was getting paid enough to do this. I think that answer would be no.

I really want to go to the movies, which i find hilarious because i work at them, but my theater has turned to crap and we aren't showing the quality fill-ims that we used to.

I am going to join the y today. I really need to get swimming again, maybe i won't be so miserable all the time (or maybe i will fall asleep face down in the water and it will be a gentle, quiet death).

Now for the good news, I found out today that i am getting an entire day off of work. No working either job. It will be 34 days since my last day off! Woot Woot!
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