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What the hell is an intermittent sprocket?

I am so tired. Do you know what i found out this last week? No one likes you when you work 60 hours a week and you never have time to talk to your friends and family. I hate weekends. You would think that being a young and attractive twenty-something that i would love my weekends. To me, weekends are 16 hour days spent making coffee in the AM and cleaning theatres in the evening. Sucky...

I am getting a promotion at the theatre. I have less than two weeks to learn how to be a projectionist and assistant manager. Yeah, big fun.

I think that i need to stop whining. It seems like that is all i have been doing lately. I counted the days until my next day off both jobs and i don't even have one. In more than two weeks. 19 days and counting. Allz i can say is that i cannot wait for my vacation. Jesus it looks better and better everytime i think about it.

Well, who knows when i will have time to write but i want you to know my sweet friends of the journal of lifes that i will always keep you in my heart.
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