Emilaha (most_smartest) wrote,

What snow?

I realize that everyone on the planet seems to be receiving some rather chilly temps right now and i do understand that it is winter (in the northern hemisphere) and we tend to get colder weather in winter. I would like to protest my current weather conditions here in Salem, Mass. though. Less than two weeks ago, it was 70 degrees. Yesterday morning with the windchill it was 15 below. You might be thinking that cold temps equal a good fun snowy time. We have no snow though. It is just colder than a witches teet here, and we should know because this is the witch city. I can deal with the freezing temps if there is pretty white flakes falling from the sky. I never get tired of watching the snow, i think it has to do with the fact that i never really lived in a place that received real winter weather.

I would like to finish this entry, my sweet friends of the journal of lifes with an ironic tale. I moved out here in hopes of going to school, but really i wanted to have a white christmas and have a truly New England winter. Instead it is 70 here, and it snows back home in the NW. Now you have 4 inches of snow and i have sunny but below freezing conditions. Do you ever wonder if there really is a karma? And if so, should you have been nicer? I leave you with that tale of irony and woe.
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