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Bah Humbug

So this year has been an interesting one for me to say the least... I had another tragic event occur three days ago. I was cleaning my glasses off when they broke at the bridge and they came apart into two pieces in my sad little hands. I looked at my aunt in disbelief because this shit just doesn't happen to me on a daily basis. These glasses have been my friends for three years and i had grown very attached to them. Now i will have to get another pair, and i don't even have any money to get another pair so now i am going to be blind and ugly (because i prefer my face with glasses on it) and fuck me it's christmas. Why?!!!

My aunt and i decided that it was time to venture out to lenscrafters and get me a new pair of glasses (in about an hour) before i had to work that evening. We went to the mall (keep in mind that this was the friday before christmas) and the lady in lenscrafters told us that i couldn't get a new pair of glasses until i had my eyes checked again. She then proceeded to tell us that she didn't have anymore openings for eye exams that day and that we could try another store in the area. We found another branch within a mile of the mile and i got my eyes checked (i've gotten blinder in my old age) and then i mama got a nice new pair of glasses. They are everything that is beautiful and right in this world. I will post a picture soon, i promise.

I got back home in time to change my clothes and scamper to work. We decided to hang the remaining pieces of my former eyeglasses on the christmas tree as ornaments and i think that they really pick up the christmas lights to add a glittery ambiance to the loft.

Christmas is tomorrow for me because my aunt's ladyfriend is coming into town. So i wish will wish you all a "belated" christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and a happy new year!!!
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