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So much to do, so much procrastination [25 Mar 2010|05:01pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Today I was supposed to go get my pricey school books but instead I decided to read a book and watch Disturbia. I should be doing my laundry, but I'm not. I'm soooo not interested in being productive today. Mayhaps I'm bored?

I actually hate my Spring Break. One week to relax? Not going to happen. I wish I had at least two weeks off instead.

I'm feeling listless. Help me.

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Blargh [02 Aug 2007|08:10pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

I'm tired. I'm tired of listening to the fucking shitty-ass drama around me. For someone that really doesn't have friends out here, i listen to a load of drama.

I leave you with this... why is every tourist a fucktard? I am i this bad when i do touristy things? I don't think that i am, but maybe i really am a fucktard.

I want to come home. I miss my cuddlebugs. I miss napping with my cuddlebugs. I miss napping.

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Blarg [28 Jun 2007|04:20pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

What can i say? I'm tired. I don't want to go to work tonight and deal with the bullshit there.

It is so fucking hot here. I feel like i am melting. Jesus tits! Nicole, i know that you are in a place of greater heat but it is not 94 degrees with 45-60% humidity. I just want to spend my day in the shower. Everytime i go outside i feel dirty again, and sweaty and then the dirt sticks to my sweaty body... You get the gist.

I am worried about my situation here in salem. Meg is going to (possibly) quit her job soon, so that means that i will have to figure out what is going to happen. I want to move back to portland, but i worry about not having enough money and nowhere to stay. I don't what is going to happen. Fuck.

I have to go to work now.

Help me. Someone.

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7 days! [08 May 2007|10:22pm]
My subject sounded a little "Ring"-esque, but no really, seven motherfucking days!

I really can't wait for a vacation.

But before vacation... i still have to work everyday, pack all my shit to move to the new apartment, move some of aforementioned shit, and of course sleep.

Oh well, it's a motherfucking two week vacation and i am going to try to do nothing the entire trip.
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What a cock! [01 May 2007|06:17pm]
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Four years to the day after standing on the deck of an aircraft carrier and declaring "major combat operations" in Iraq as being over, President Bush on Tuesday vetoed a war-spending bill that calls for the start of a withdrawal of American combat troops from the now-unpopular conflict.

The president plans a 6:10 p.m. ET address to the nation explaining his veto of the $124 billion measure, which calls for most U.S. troops to be out of Iraq by March 2008.

Before sending the bill to the president Tuesday afternoon, Democratic congressional leaders urged Bush to sign the bill and begin winding down the war.

"A veto means denying our troops the resources and the strategy they need," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada. "After more than four years of a failed policy, it's time for Iraq to take responsibility for its own future."

The spending bill, which Congress passed last week, funds military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, but it also calls for the withdrawal of U.S. troops beginning in October, with the goal of getting all U.S. combat forces out of Iraq by the end of March 2008.

Bush and his Republican allies in Congress call the withdrawal timetable contained in the bill an admission of defeat.

Bush declared an end to "major combat" in Iraq in a May 1, 2003, speech from the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. However, U.S. troops have been battling an ongoing insurgency since then, and more than 3,300 Americans have died in Iraq since that address.

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino accused congressional Democrats of "a trumped-up political stunt" by sending the bill to the president on the anniversary of his speech.

Bush: Failure 'unacceptable to the civilized world'
The president headed back to Washington on Tuesday afternoon after a visit to U.S. Central Command headquarters at MacDill Air Force Base, outside Tampa, Florida.

He told American and allied military officers there that a U.S. failure in the four-year-old war "should be unacceptable to the civilized world."

Bush said the current push to pacify Baghdad and the western province of Anbar has produced progress, but will need several months to succeed.

He said the United States and its allies were faced with a choice at the end of 2006 -- tamp down the wave of sectarian killings that followed the February 2006 bombing of the al-Askariya Mosque in Samarra, a revered Shiite Muslim shrine, or withdraw.

"Withdrawal would have increased the probability that coalition troops would be forced to return to Iraq one day and confront an enemy that is even more dangerous," Bush said. "Failure in Iraq should be unacceptable to the civilized world. The risks are enormous."

The war is now widely unpopular at home, with 32 percent of Americans in a recent CNN poll supporting the conflict and 60 percent siding with Congress on the issue.

The veto would be the second of Bush's presidency. The first, in July 2006, killed a bill that would have expanded federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research.
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Dear Dream Journal of Lifes. [25 Apr 2007|06:32pm]
I had some really weird dreams last night. I dreamt that my cats could talk to me. They had human voices and it freaked the freakin shit out of me. I woke up all messed up only to realize that one of my cats was staring intently at me. She was watching me sleep and it made me believe that she really could talk to me. We had a staring contest, she won, it was more of a standoff though. In the dream it seemed some what natural that they were talking to me, but at the same time really strange that 1. they chose to talk to me and 2. what their voices sounded like.

My second dream was even stranger... In my dream everyone's tattoos (including my own) were moving and talking (if it was an person, animal, etc...). It was really weird because i went about my day like nothing was different, went to work at starbucks and tried to ignore the fact that people's tattoos were staring at me. Even stranger still, i went to a tattoo parlor to get mine touched up and a new one and my tattoos were screaming in pain when they got touched up. How fucked up is that?

If you have any thoughts to as what my dreams might mean, please let me know because i have no clue and i would like a little insight.
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You think you had a shitty day? [17 Apr 2007|04:02pm]
So i am beginning to think that i make really bad decisiones... I worked over 14 hours at the cinema yesterday. It was my first official day as a manager, i was so excited until our howling gale of death came into town. The wind was a'blowin and the rain was a'comin down. I thought that i would get to work and the power would be out. You really need to have power to show movies, otherwise it is just me in the projection booth with a candle and the film. Luckily, the power did not go out, but my internet did. That means that i cannot take credit cards, i can't get the email to see what movies we are playing next week so that i can set up the schedule, and it means that at night my reports are going to be fucked up.

I wish that was the worst part of my day; however i have to say that hands down, cleaning up someone's diarrhea in the ladies bathroom was by far the worst part of my day. It was on the walls and behind the toilet. I began to question whether or not i was getting paid enough to do this. I think that answer would be no.

I really want to go to the movies, which i find hilarious because i work at them, but my theater has turned to crap and we aren't showing the quality fill-ims that we used to.

I am going to join the y today. I really need to get swimming again, maybe i won't be so miserable all the time (or maybe i will fall asleep face down in the water and it will be a gentle, quiet death).

Now for the good news, I found out today that i am getting an entire day off of work. No working either job. It will be 34 days since my last day off! Woot Woot!
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What the hell is an intermittent sprocket? [02 Apr 2007|10:34am]
[ mood | cranky ]

I am so tired. Do you know what i found out this last week? No one likes you when you work 60 hours a week and you never have time to talk to your friends and family. I hate weekends. You would think that being a young and attractive twenty-something that i would love my weekends. To me, weekends are 16 hour days spent making coffee in the AM and cleaning theatres in the evening. Sucky...

I am getting a promotion at the theatre. I have less than two weeks to learn how to be a projectionist and assistant manager. Yeah, big fun.

I think that i need to stop whining. It seems like that is all i have been doing lately. I counted the days until my next day off both jobs and i don't even have one. In more than two weeks. 19 days and counting. Allz i can say is that i cannot wait for my vacation. Jesus it looks better and better everytime i think about it.

Well, who knows when i will have time to write but i want you to know my sweet friends of the journal of lifes that i will always keep you in my heart.

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I think I'll go to Vancouver! [20 Mar 2007|11:13am]
I just bought plane tickets for a two week vacay to the Vantuckenstein! I will be home from th 15th-29th of May. Please pencil in a little emily-time for me! I really miss everyone!
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[26 Feb 2007|10:55am]
I might be coming home. Soon. I have to make up my mind in two weeks and i really hate it all. I am not in a good place right now, so i think that i am just going to spend the next ten hours work.
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London [13 Feb 2007|10:33am]
I am leaving for London today so i will talk you guys in a week!
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Pobrecita [07 Feb 2007|04:07pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

So i said i wasn't going to let it bother me, but i am really feeling shitty about my birthday. I thought that i would be ok about being alone on my special day (or is that your wedding day? oh well) but i guess i am not an adult and i can't get over it. Why do i feel like i am such a child? I feel like the person that says "fuck my birthday!" but then secretly hopes that people will throw you a party and that everyone will make a big deal about it. My parents haven't even sent me a birthday card. I guess i should have known, because they didn't send a christmas card or presents either. Oh well. I guess that i am really feeling alone today. Poor me.

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Karma's a'comin for me [25 Jan 2007|04:14pm]
So after a long and shit-filled (literally, not mine though) weekend i have decided to not attend UMass this semester. My financial aid won't cover shit and i will be struggling forever to pick up the pieces. So this bummed me out all weekend, but i think that i made the right decision by not going. Everything would have been last minute, i wouldn't have gotten into the classes i wanted, and it would really stress out my budget and my schedule. If i wait until the next open semester i will be a resident of mass, which cuts my tuition more than in half, and i will also be eligible for more financial aid because of my new found age.

Until the day i return to academia i will continue to work, look forward to england, and continue to steal music from the library. I don't consider it stealing, they know that when you check out 7 cd's that you are going home to make copies of them on your computer. They are librarians, they are around books all day; that by default makes them smarter than the average politician.

I saw pan's labrynith the other night and that movie fucked me up. I am totally going to see it again.
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What snow? [18 Jan 2007|01:14pm]
I realize that everyone on the planet seems to be receiving some rather chilly temps right now and i do understand that it is winter (in the northern hemisphere) and we tend to get colder weather in winter. I would like to protest my current weather conditions here in Salem, Mass. though. Less than two weeks ago, it was 70 degrees. Yesterday morning with the windchill it was 15 below. You might be thinking that cold temps equal a good fun snowy time. We have no snow though. It is just colder than a witches teet here, and we should know because this is the witch city. I can deal with the freezing temps if there is pretty white flakes falling from the sky. I never get tired of watching the snow, i think it has to do with the fact that i never really lived in a place that received real winter weather.

I would like to finish this entry, my sweet friends of the journal of lifes with an ironic tale. I moved out here in hopes of going to school, but really i wanted to have a white christmas and have a truly New England winter. Instead it is 70 here, and it snows back home in the NW. Now you have 4 inches of snow and i have sunny but below freezing conditions. Do you ever wonder if there really is a karma? And if so, should you have been nicer? I leave you with that tale of irony and woe.
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Oh the sweet taste of bitterness [04 Jan 2007|03:32pm]
Every year i don't make any resolutions, because i know i have no willpower. I never say that i am going to lose 20 lbs because i know that the big bag of m&m's is mighty tasty. The only thing that i say every year is "i hope this year will be better." Now i got to thinking and i realized that that statement is really depressing. I am a really depressing person. It took me almost 24 years to realize this.

So far this year has been strange...

I had to work on new years and then i came home and sat on the couch watching movies while my aunt and her ladyfriend were snuggling (in the way that only happy couples who are so in love and they never have any problems do) and i will admit i was somewhat depressed. New year's is the day that everyone hopes they get to go out kiss a stranger at midnight and enjoy a fresh start. I don't think that i am fully living my life to its fullest.

I had to work on new year's day and it totally blew. I yelled at an old woman and my boss told me that i was his new favorite employee.

I found out that i got some financial aid, but it is only enough to cover half of my tuition (if they consider me a resident, if not i am totally fucked), so now i have to figure a way to come up with that other half. I am still waiting for paperwork to go through before i can see how my credits transferred and what classes i can take. I really hate having to wait till the last minute to get everything done, but i will do anything that i have to do in order to get into school. I also have to figure what i am going to do with my trip to england. I currently have no money (less than money actually) and i have to take a lot of time off of school in order to go. Part of me just really wants to say "i just can't go". I want to be responsible and not have to keep sponging off others charity. I really feel like i have been lately.

I wish that someone would call or text me. I really want to talk to someone. Fuck.

I went to the movies last night to see the holiday. It was free for me to get in at work and so i thought, what the hey?, i'll go. I hate movies like that. They just remind me how alone i am. Everyone is so happy and pretty in the end and everything works out perfectly for them. I hate them all. That's right, bitter party of one right here.

I think i need a nap and i really want to take my contacts out.
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Bah Humbug [26 Dec 2006|04:22pm]
So this year has been an interesting one for me to say the least... I had another tragic event occur three days ago. I was cleaning my glasses off when they broke at the bridge and they came apart into two pieces in my sad little hands. I looked at my aunt in disbelief because this shit just doesn't happen to me on a daily basis. These glasses have been my friends for three years and i had grown very attached to them. Now i will have to get another pair, and i don't even have any money to get another pair so now i am going to be blind and ugly (because i prefer my face with glasses on it) and fuck me it's christmas. Why?!!!

My aunt and i decided that it was time to venture out to lenscrafters and get me a new pair of glasses (in about an hour) before i had to work that evening. We went to the mall (keep in mind that this was the friday before christmas) and the lady in lenscrafters told us that i couldn't get a new pair of glasses until i had my eyes checked again. She then proceeded to tell us that she didn't have anymore openings for eye exams that day and that we could try another store in the area. We found another branch within a mile of the mile and i got my eyes checked (i've gotten blinder in my old age) and then i mama got a nice new pair of glasses. They are everything that is beautiful and right in this world. I will post a picture soon, i promise.

I got back home in time to change my clothes and scamper to work. We decided to hang the remaining pieces of my former eyeglasses on the christmas tree as ornaments and i think that they really pick up the christmas lights to add a glittery ambiance to the loft.

Christmas is tomorrow for me because my aunt's ladyfriend is coming into town. So i wish will wish you all a "belated" christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and a happy new year!!!
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And god bless us everyone [15 Dec 2006|03:43pm]
[ mood | sad ]

So today not really a good day.

My aunt and i got a call yesterday from our family to tell us that my great-uncle just killed himself. Awesome. Apparently he didn't see the point in living anymore because his wife (the love of his life) was dead and he had already accomplished everything that he had wanted to. So he told his brother that he was going to shoot himself and even showed him the gun. No one believed him so he wrote a note for his kids and blew off his head.

Not cool. This is why i don't like christmas. Something bad always happens.


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[08 Dec 2006|03:53pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I start my brand-spanking-new job today, hizzah!

But in other news, i got my birthday and christmas prezzie a little early. My aunt's lesbian lova (and my good friend) is celebrating her birthday in london with a fancy dress party (that is a costume party for all us dumb americans). Her birthday is almost two weeks after mine and i am going to london for a week-long celebration the 13th-21st of Feb. Yeah, i hate me too!

My sister is being flown out to boston and is also coming along with my aunt and i for the week. Having my sister there is going to make that much more hilarious. She is guaranteed to fall down in public, and at least have one stupid american moment. It has to happen to someone, and it always happens to her. I still love her though, maybe a little more because she is always a laugh to have around.

I have to tell my new boss that i am going to need ten days off and then if i am in school i have to figure out a way of getting around tests and homework. I am so excited about this, i would like to say that i have no words but we all know that has never happened to emily (not having the words to express her current mood)... Round trip airfare from Boston to London on virgin atlantic is $450 with the taxes included. I think that i am going to vomit on myself.

Well, my lovelies i just want to share that little bit of info with you and let you know that i am indeed excited not only about my first day of work but also my impending birthday vacay.

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I didn't have to use my A-K, today was a good day. [06 Dec 2006|05:35pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Today was a good day my friend! I got a job. I shouldn't feel this excited about getting a crummy job, but you know what? I totally am happy. Mama could use some scrilla otherwise nobody is getting christmas presents. Not even family members. Yeah that's right.
Hellz Yeah!

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Consumption is Romantic way to Die. [28 Nov 2006|04:20pm]
[ mood | sick ]

I am so tired of being sick. I think that i have consumption. There is a cure for that, right? If this shit lasts two weeks, then i only have a couple more days of being sick and then i should be better in time for the snow this weekend.

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