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So i said i wasn't going to let it bother me, but i am really feeling shitty about my birthday. I thought that i would be ok about being alone on my special day (or is that your wedding day? oh well) but i guess i am not an adult and i can't get over it. Why do i feel like i am such a child? I feel like the person that says "fuck my birthday!" but then secretly hopes that people will throw you a party and that everyone will make a big deal about it. My parents haven't even sent me a birthday card. I guess i should have known, because they didn't send a christmas card or presents either. Oh well. I guess that i am really feeling alone today. Poor me.
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it is understandable that you would feel sad on your birthday since no one is there to celebrate with you and it is your first birthday away from tha couve, but someone may have sent you a card. your birthday isn't until friday so there are still two days until your birthday, so don't give up quite yet. Someone might be in the process of moving and unable to send anything until next week once they get settled in. Who knows? your birthday will not suck, i swear. if you need anything let me know.

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a certain fancyman may or may not need to check and make sure something didn't "accidentally" overnighted to them.