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Karma's a'comin for me

So after a long and shit-filled (literally, not mine though) weekend i have decided to not attend UMass this semester. My financial aid won't cover shit and i will be struggling forever to pick up the pieces. So this bummed me out all weekend, but i think that i made the right decision by not going. Everything would have been last minute, i wouldn't have gotten into the classes i wanted, and it would really stress out my budget and my schedule. If i wait until the next open semester i will be a resident of mass, which cuts my tuition more than in half, and i will also be eligible for more financial aid because of my new found age.

Until the day i return to academia i will continue to work, look forward to england, and continue to steal music from the library. I don't consider it stealing, they know that when you check out 7 cd's that you are going home to make copies of them on your computer. They are librarians, they are around books all day; that by default makes them smarter than the average politician.

I saw pan's labrynith the other night and that movie fucked me up. I am totally going to see it again.
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